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Sophia Nolan verstärkt die Diamonds in der Saison 2024/25

Sophia Nolan ist der erste offizielle Neuzugang der Dillingen Diamonds für die Saison 2024/25. Die US-Amerikanerin spielte zuletzt am College für die Loyola Ramblers in der NCAA I. Nachdem Sophia ihre College-Karriere beendete, sind wir nun ihre erste Station außerhalb Amerikas. Die flexibel einsetzbare 1,85 Meter große Flügelspielerin stand zusammen mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester in der vergangenen Saison unter anderem Basketballsuperstar Caitlin Clark auf dem Feld gegenüber. Was sie über ihren nächsten Karrierestep denkt und worauf sie sich am meisten freut, erfahrt ihr im Interview mit ihr hier:

Why did you choose to play for the Diamonds?

After talking with Coach Behnke, I knew I wanted to be coached by him. His honesty and our shared goals convinced me that the Diamonds were the right team for me. The team's strong culture was also a major factor in my decision.

What do you expect from next season?

I expect to contribute to the team's success and build relationships with my teammates and coach. I also hope to experience personal growth and adapt to a new cultural environment.

What are your goals for next season?

Besides aiming for the championships, I want to develop my leadership skills and become a key player for the team. I also hope to engage with the local community and fans.

At what age did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball at 6 years old.

Have you ever played for a national team?

One of the coolest moments in my basketball career was being up 5 points at halftime against Caitlin Clark on her home court.

Do you have other hobbies than basketball?

Yes, I enjoy cooking, going to the beach, and pottery.

How would you describe yourself as a basketball player?

I would describe myself as a high IQ player with good shooting skills, versatile, and a great passer. I’m hardworking and a natural leader on and off the court.

What are you looking forward the most?

I’m eager to meeting my teammates, coach and new people. I’m also excited about the chance to travel around Europe during my time off and learning about Germany’s culture.

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sophia uns in der kommenden Saison unterstützen wird. Herzlich Willkommen!

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